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Pursuing customers' happiness,
To true global retailer

Director and Representative Executive Officer President and CEO CEO Motoya Okada

In each era, we have consistently put "Customer-First," based on unrivaled basic prinsiple of "Pursuing peace, respecting humanity, and contributing to local communities, always with the customer's point view as its core."  We challenge to change for satisfying the needs of the times and adapting environmental changes, without being afraid of risks. This challenge to change is the corporate culture of Aeon that has been inherited from its founding.

In the world today, environment changes at high speed that could not have been considered with conventional widom. It is from geopolitical risks, demographic changes, and even IT and other technological innovations.  With these changes, the business environment surrounding the retail business is also changing dramatically. That is, customers are becoming to find great value in not only material fulfillment but mental satisfaction as well. Because of this turbulent period, we need to think of the ideal way of group management from a long-term perspective, not just a few years ahead.  We will anticipate various changes that may occur in the future, and transform into a group that truly realizes the "happiness" of consumers. By innovating into a group of No. 1 companies in each region and business, Aeon aims to become a truly global retailer, ranked as top 10 in the world in 2025.

Despite increasing needs to be healthy both mentally and physically and live a peaceful life with roots among the community, there are various problems to be faced, turning attention to local society. These include the challenges of turning attention to local society, the destruction of the environment, labor shortages, and regional economic disparity, all areas which underscore the importance of our role in solving problems as a company. At Aeon, we have always engaged in efforts as a group to take on problems on a global scale as a way to respond to the expectations of our customers and local society.
With the 21st century in view, the Aeon Group 1% Club*1​ ​was established in 1989, and the Aeon Group Environmental Foundation*2​ ​was established in the following year. With a long-term view in mind, we continue to engage in environmental and social contribution activities as a corporate citizen. Also, based on the recognition that our business activities would be impossible without living things such as agricultural and marine products, Aeon is engaged in industry-leading efforts to protect the ecosystem. The Aeon Biodiversity Principle was established in 2010 with the goal of protecting the nature's bounty and resources, announcing initiatives in various formats to maintain and preserve the ecosystem. In 2011 the Aeon Sustainability Principle was established. Aeon’s Sustainable Procurement Policy was announced in April 2017 as a way to further strengthen such efforts by harmonizing nature, the ecosystem and society in procurement efforts that meet sustainable international standards.

The future of the earth rests on the intentions and actions of each one of us. The concept of Health & Wellness, which entails health in mind and body and a rich heart, is an indispensable element in our lives. Happiness cannot be achieved without health. Based on our unwavering resolve to help protect the lives of our customers, Aeon pursues the creation of new value, including proposals on the culture of everyday living as a leading Health & Wellness company.
We will always do our utmost to create a rich future with long-term, sustainable prospects in mind while achieving both corporate growth and social development.

  1. *1.​ ​​ ​Currently known as the AEON 1% Club Foundation
  2. *2.​ ​Currently known as the Aeon Environmental Foundation