Aeon Introduction VTR

Aeon Group Profile (about 4 minutes)

Aeon Environmental and social initiatives 2020 (approx. 11 minutes)

Aeon Group Profile (Everything we do, we do for our customers) (about 13 minutes)

"Ion New Coronavirus Response" (30 seconds)

Everyone # My Bag Campaign [AEON x Yoshimoto] Video (30 seconds)

Aeon Group Profile 【The Challenges of AEON】 (about 10 minutes)

Aeon Profile VTR (CSV version) 【The Growth of the Trees, the Flourish of the Communities, which Creates our Future】 (about 4 minutes) 

Aeon Namie store challenge (about 10 minutes)

Aeon `` 10 × 20 × 30 Food Waste Reduction Initiative '' launch meeting (about 1 minute)

Aeon's next-generation net supermarket birth Strategic partnership alliance interview (about 1 minute)

AEON Typhoon Disaster Area Support Initiative (about 5 minutes)

Health & Wellness (Store Event) (about 3 minutes)

Collaboration with local medical institutions (AEON Kasai store) (about 5 minutes)

Aeon Recycling efforts: Food tray (about 4 minutes)

Aeon's environmental and social initiatives 2019 (about 11 minutes)

Disaster prevention of Aeon (about 4 minutes)

Nigiwai Tohoku Fair 2018 (about 3 minutes)

Health & Wellness (about 3 minutes)