Aeon Basic Policy on Human Rights

We Aeon is, Aeon deepen the understanding of the people (officers and employees) all human rights, in accordance with this policy, we aim to realize a society in which human rights are respected.
This policy Aeon People and is shared with all partners.

  1. Basic way of thinking about human rights
    • Aeon with Aeon 's Basic Philosophy Aeon is committed to human rights and labor for all those affected by our business activities. In addition to the law, we will comply with the human rights standards set out in the International Human Rights Code and the ILO Declaration on Basic Principles and Rights in Labor of the International Labor Organization (ILO), as well as the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. Support and practice.
  2. Respect for human rights through business activities
    • Aeon respects the diverse values, individuality, and privacy of individuals, and discriminates on the grounds of race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, age, birthplace, religion, academic background, physical and mental disabilities, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Will not be done at all. Also, always stand in the position of the other party and respect them equally.
    1. Aeon treats all customers fairly and fairly, and provides safe and secure products and services, as well as information about them.
    2. Aeon actively communicates to respect the human rights of people in the community.
    3. Aeon will comply with laws and international standards regarding corporate ethics and working environment in our business activities, and will strive for continuous improvement.
    4. Aeon listens to the voices of colleagues who work together, Aeon People, and builds a safe and comfortable working environment without harassment. At the same time, all Aeon People will provide education and training to deepen their correct knowledge and understanding of human rights.
  3. Implementation of human rights due diligence
    • Aeon aims to realize a society in which human rights are respected through human rights due diligence regarding the impact of business activities on human rights.
  • Revised October 2018