Management Policies

Aeon’s fundamental management principles are the pursuit of peace, respect for humanity, and contributions to local communities?with the customer’s point of view as the core. On the basis of this unchanging philosophy, the Aeon Group focuses first and foremost on its customers and ensuring customer satisfaction, constantly innovating to promptly and precisely respond to changes in the external environment and customer needs.

Aeon aims to be a “glocal” company, meaning that management must both meet global quality standards and at the same time remain rooted in local communities.

From the viewpoint of corporate social responsibility (CSR), the company has instituted the Aeon Code of Conduct, a set of behavior guidelines and standards for decision-making for all Group employees to follow in their daily work activities. Aeon is instilling this code throughout the Group.

On the basis of this code, Aeon is striving to achieve long-term prosperity and growth by building excellent relationships with its customers, shareholders, business partners, local communities, and employees, while continuing to offer products and services that satisfy customers.