Aeon Biodiversity Principle

Recognition of the Current Situation (sense of danger regarding biodiversity)

Our lives are made possible by the rich blessings of nature. Biodiversity, which is the source of nature, is gradually being lost across the planet. Losing biodiversity will have severe consequences on our way of life, resulting in problems with food and water.​ ​
In recognition of this situation, we have established the Aeon Biodiversity Principle in order to do our part in preserving biodiversity that is necessary for a sustainable society.

Basic Policy

We understand the effects of our overall business activities on the ecosystem, and work together with our customers, the government, NGOs, and other stakeholders to remain actively involved in preservation activities and reducing the effects of such a crisis.

Through our business activities, we aim for the following with the ecosystem in mind:

  • To remain aware of blessings and harm
  • Work to protect and nurture
  • To keep others informed of our activities

Course of Action


In the course of purchasing and sales, we remain aware of sustainability, set goals regarding resource-managed perishable and processed products. And then, they are shared with our clients and customers.

  1. We strive to stock products that are certified for sustainable biological resources (MSC, ASC, FSC®, etc.) and share such information.

    Marine Stewardship Council (MSC)-certified products, Aquaculture Stewardship Council (ASC)-certified products​ ​

    FSC® certified products​ ​​ ​

  2. We will continue to develop and sell "Topvalu Gurinai" agricultural, water, and livestock products that have a minimal environmental impact.

    Topvalu Gurinai​ ​​ ​

    Topvalu Organic (Processed product)     

    Topvalu Organics (

  3. We provide assistance through the Food Artisan Project, which helps preserve and popularize regional varieties of agricultural products.

    Food Artisan Project​ ​


We continue to promote tree planting activities with our customers when opening new locations and to develop ecologically-friendly stores that reduce the impact on the environment.

  1. Aeon is also furthering efforts in green purchasing of building materials.
  2. Before opening a new location, we evaluate the area and make plans to reduce the burden on its biodiversity.
  3. Stores are being developed to produce 30% less CO2 than conventional locations and to preserve and create further biodiversity.

    Eco Store Smart Aeon

With our customers

We share and learn about environmental awareness with others through our tree planting activities.

  1. Aeon actively promotes the Aeon Hometown Forests Program at stores to communicate the importance of our forests.
  2. We actively participate in forest replanting and tree planting around the world.

    Aeon tree planting activity

  3. We work to raise awareness on biodiversity with all of our employees and help inspire them to voluntarily participate in preservation activities while sharing environmental awareness with customers in the community.