Recycling activities

We will reduce waste with our 3R approach

The Earth’s resources are limited. If we continue to use our finite resources to produce new things and throw away old things, we will not only face shortage of resources but also generate various environmental issues such as waste and pollution problems. Aeon adopts the 3R approach in an effort to reduce the amount of waste as much as possible.

The 3R Approach

1. Reduce

Avoid bringing in items that will become wasted.

2. Reuse

Use items as many times as possible.

3. Recycle

Recycle items that are no longer usable as raw materials or source of energy. Do not throw them away.

In-store collection of recyclable waste

In-store collection of recyclable waste Q&A

We collect Styrofoam food trays. Poke a toothpick in the tray. If you hear a popping sound, we collect regardless of pattern or color. (Some stores collect white color trays only.) We cannot collect hard bento containers and transparent trays, containers of natto and shimeji mushrooms, and cup noodle containers. Please be sure to wash the containers clean before bringing them in.
Stores of Aeon Retail Co., Ltd. outsource the collection of aluminum cans to a company specializing in aluminum recycle. We currently have no plans to collect steel cans.
Containers collected at the stores are handed over to recycling companies and municipalities, and then recycled. Collecting companies may vary by store.
We are working to create a system so that the containers collected in stores are remade into products and resold at our stores. For example, we now offer recycled toilet paper containing 30% milk cartons and 70% waste paper, and exhaust fan covers made 100% of recycle aluminum cans under our Topvalu brand.

Aeon collects recyclable clothes (SELF+SERVICE)