Aeon Happy Yellow Receipt Campaign

From 2001 to February 2019, a total of ¥3,753,750,000 equivalent in goods was donated

Fiscal year Registered group Receipt total value Equivalent donation amount
2001 2,697 Approx. ¥1,866,150,000 Approx. ¥18,660,000
2002 5,944 Approx. ¥3,955,500,000 Approx. ¥39,560,000
2003 7,578 Approx. ¥5,521,090,000 Approx. ¥55,210,000
2004 8,905 Approx. ¥5,056,810,000 Approx. ¥50,720,000
2005 10,260 Approx. ¥5,713,060,000 Approx. ¥57,860,000
2006 12,614 Approx. ¥10,975,480,000 Approx. ¥111,410,000
2007 17,742 Approx. ¥21,157,800,000 Approx. ¥213,060,000
2008 20,103 Approx. ¥27,108,000,000 Approx. ¥272,160,000
2009 21,496 Approx. ¥26,752,190,000 Approx. ¥267,870,000
2010 21,622 Approx. ¥27,678,080,000 Approx. ¥277,820,000
2011 21,700 Approx. ¥30,190,870,000 Approx. ¥302,520,000
2012 21,800 Approx. ¥27,391,410,000 Approx. ¥274,530,000
2013 22,540 Approx. ¥27,306,740,000 Approx. ¥275,050,000
2014 23,600 Approx. ¥27,787,050,000 Approx. ¥277,900,000
2015 24,003 Approx. ¥28,988,020,000 Approx. ¥289,850,000
2016 25,300 Approx. ¥33,103,900,000 Approx. ¥331,180,000
2017 25,753 Approx. ¥31,434,200,000 Approx. ¥313,590,000
2018 26,044 Approx. ¥32,440,110,000 Approx. ¥324,390,000
Total Approx. ¥374,426,490,000 Approx. ¥3,753,750,000

Introduction of activities

The Aeon Happy Yellow Receipt Campaign connects customers who want to help with volunteer groups who need the support. As a member of the community, Aeon is expanding this initiative.

Aeon accepts groups that help the community stay healthy and energetic.

Tohoku Restoration AEON Yellow Receipt Campaign

The AEON Yellow Receipt Campaign is expanded for a full three days from March 9 to 11 to help support children in disaster-stricken areas of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Customers from around the country send goodwill by shopping at Aeon.

Worldwide AEON Happy Yellow Receipt Campaign

In China, the AEON Happy Yellow Receipt Campaign started in August 2012 at all Aeon stores across the country.
The campaign has grown beyond Japan to now encompass China as well.

AEON Happy Yellow Receipt Campaign in China

What is Aeon Day?

Aeon operates on the principles of pursuing peace, respecting humanity, and contributing to local communities, always with the customers point of view as its core. With this in mind, we are engaged in a variety of environmental preservation activities as a kind of corporate citizen along with customers in the community.

When changing our name from Jusco to Aeon in August 2001, we used the opportunity to establish Aeon Day, which takes place on the 11th of every month. With our corporate philosophy of "Transforming daily life and living into a future filled with dreams" as our guidepost, this day is set aside for all employees to engage in activities that contribute to the community, based on the themes of 'ecology' (environment) and 'local' which we feel should be embodied in the community.