Aeon 's Human Rights Initiative

In August 2001, we changed our group's generic name to Aeon, whose meaning is "eternity" in Latin.  And we have practiced the "right actions" to realize  Aeon Basic Principles; "Pursuing peace, respecting humanity, and contributing to local communities, always with the customer's point of view as its core."​ ​​ ​

We always want to be "honest" to all people involved with Aeon, not only by complying with laws and regulations but by practicing correct behavior.
In April 2003, Aeon established "Aeon code of conduct" that put together the basic thinking and judgment criteria of the daily action of each Aeon people. It is based on the values of "For all customers". Aeon code of conduct​ ​​ ​

In May 2003, we created our original “Aeon Supplier Code of Conduct (CoC).”  Based on this code, Aeon will work to improve product quality.  Also, with our business partners, we comply with  corporate ethics in production activities, laws regulations and global standards on labor environment.​ ​

In September 2004, Aeon is the first Japanese retailer to announce participation in the United Nations Global Compact  In the same year, we acquired the international certification “SA8000” for human rights and the working environment.

In September 2014, in order to promote the “Aeon Code of Conduct”,  Aeon's basic policy on human rights is formulated. At the same time, with three labor groups such as UNI Global Union, an international labor organization, we concluded  Global Framework Agreementon labor, human rights and the environment.

Furthermore,  Aeon's basic policy on human rights  revised in October 2018, based on the recent international social situation.

In 2019, we revised  Aeon Supplier Code of Conduct, expecting of the suppliers fulfilling  social responsibility. Also, established Human rights guidelines at Aeon farms​ ​

Aeon Human Rights Due Diligence Initiative

Since 2003, in accordance with the Code of Conduct Topvalu All primary suppliers who manufacture products have been regularly audited to assess risks and improve issues.
In 2018, in revising human rights due diligence in the entire Aeon Group supply chain, we first looked back on our activities and held dialogues with stakeholders. As a result, priority was given to the three initiatives that had been lacking, and important issues were clarified.
As a first initiative, we revised the “Aeon Basic Policy on Human Rights” and revised the “Code of Conduct” based on it. At present, Aeon is working on social responsibility throughout the supply chain.

  1. Revision and implementation of human rights policy in accordance with “Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights”
    1. October 2018 Revision:  Human Rights Standards Policy
    2. March 2019 Revision: Code of Conduct Code of Conduct
  2. Three priority issues : Determined by assessment and communication with stakeholders
    1. Expansion of scope (depth): Approach to raw material producers. Fresh  food category (agriculture, livestock, fisheries) is as top priority
      After the evaluation of fresh ingredients, categories of delica, processed food, clothing, and leisure time will also be implemented.
    2. Expansion of scope (wide): Education of Aeon's basic human rights policy for PB of group companies.​ ​
    3. Dealing with foreign workers and technical interns trainees: Expansion of items to be confirmed in audits. Starting a questionnaire for outsourcing

As an approach to the supply chain, we first targeted fresh food category. Until then, because agricultural products without processing was outside the scope of the audit of Aeon Supplier Code of Conduct, none of the supply chain could be confirmed. So, we thought it was the highest priority.
In addition, we have decided to work more actively on the issues of foreign workers, which are becoming more serious every year, considering that human rights risks are high. Many foreign workers and foreign technical intern trainees work at the raw material production site. So we confirm that their human rights are respected through seeing the following: whether they are employed properly or not,  in a safe working environment or not, and can communicate with management or not .​ ​

2018 Stakeholder Engagement

In August, a dialogue was held with three NGOs and three academic experts, considering the results of human rights impact assessments. We received various opinions from them in the session, including guidance on assessment methods, the importance of undertaking human rights issues at raw material production sites such as child labor, and the accountability to customers for supply chain issues.

In October, we saw  General Secretary Eun of UNI Global Union when his coming to Japan from Singapore.  Then we received the idea that labor and management should cooperate in human rights due diligence. As a result, Aeon's issues became clear for future efforts.

Global Framework Agreement​ ​

Aeon's directly managed farm AEON AGRI CREATE Co., Ltd.

Aeon Farm is operated by GLOBALG.AP and has certified by third party.
Aeon also actively encourages its business partners to practice farm management with GLOBALG.AP.
The first in Asia! Products labeled GLOBALG.AP Number (GGN) are launched <Press Release>

June 2019,Human Rights Guidelines at Aeon Farms was formulated.

Whistle-blowing system

"Number 110" on Aeon Code of Conduct​ ​

Aeon has established "Number 110" on Aeon Code of Conduct as an internal reporting system since 2004. We accept reports and consultations widely as a window to respond to various problems related to the workplace, such as not being able to talk to our superiors and being in trouble, as well as reports on violations of laws and regulations and fraud. The targets are all employees working at the Aeon Group, and there are two internal and external consultation desks. Reporting and consultation contents are communicated to the related company by a business ethics team. And then,  the company has to make a summary report of  the results including the corrective measure to a business ethic team,  after investigating the facts and corresponding to in about two weeks. This rule is obeyed. In addition, all consultations are reported to Aeon Co., Ltd. executives and Group company presidents on a weekly and monthly basis.



イオンは、2020年12月より、商品供給に関するサプライチェーン上の従業員からの相談、通報窓口として、「お取引先さまホットライン」を設置しています。職場において人権侵害、ハラスメント、不当な扱いを受けている、イオンサプライヤーCoC(取引行動規範)に反する事案などに対応する窓口として通報、相談を受け付けています。通報、相談内容は、一般社団法人 ASSC(アスク)にて受付、内容を確認、事案に応じて、イオンサプライヤーCoC事務局、イオン関連部署、ASSCが協働で対応します。相談者が不利益な扱いや報復行為を受けないよう、対応内容は相談者の意志を尊重しながら決定します。